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28 Aug

With Cam his emotions are just as terrifying, but heartbreaking in a different way because he’s dealing with them secretly.If suffering in silence isn’t something we can’t all relate to, then I’m not sure what is.

When Eli was struggling with his issues during various parts of Seasons 10 and 11 his emotions were like a bomb, they’d go off and would affect everyone close to him.During the final seconds of a hockey game, Cam tries to go for the game-winning shot by himself and fails, causing his teammates to be mad at him.The next day Maya, Tori and Tristan tell Cam he needs to take a break from hockey and hang out with them so he can stop feeling down on himself, but he declines because he can’t miss hockey practice without a good excuse.It’s been hammered into our brains that Cam is homesick, and despite being a talented hockey player, he’s simply unable to handle the pressure and responsibilities beyond being on the actual ice.But with that said we still don’t know the root cause of his breakdown beyond it being tied directly to the pressure he feels because of hockey.