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21 Aug

This happens at the entrance, the music between readings, the offertory, and the communion.The instructions are very clear: the assigned chant is to be sung.If something else was sung, the words were still said by the priest.And so it was in most countries from the 7th century until quite recently.It is also ridiculously presumptuous for any one person to imagine that he has a better idea than the liturgical text formed from 2,000 years of tradition.

If the texts can just be ignored, why shouldn’t the faithful themselves feel free to take what they want and otherwise discard core teachings of the faith?

Most parishes today use pre-printed prayers from private publishers. The best ones are brief and stick to the formula: prayers for the Church, for public authorities and the salvation of the whole world, for those burdened, and for the local community.

The worst ones lead the whole liturgy astray in very distracting ways. Extended and Chatty Sign of the Peace The rite of peace has a long tradition in the Roman Rite dating to the earliest centuries. There are arguments and disputes about whether extending it to the congregation is a revival of a lost tradition or an innovation.

The hippy-dippy rupturism of the past is finally giving way to a more settled and solemn appreciation of the intrinsic majesty of the Roman rite.

A new generation of celebrants is moving past the politicized agendas of the past toward embracing the true spirit of the liturgy.