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27 Feb

Today, after the rebirth of Triumph and Norton, BRITALMOTO finds it again logical to combine these two products.

On one hand, Triumph Hinkley is building since 2001 the successful air cooled twin cylinder motorcycles which have a superb reputation with regard to quality.

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He not only was commercially successful by building "Tritons" but was also very successful with his "Triton" racing machines.

Also, the "Triton" also became the "Poor Mans" racer.

One can say, that a Triton combines the best of Triumph and Norton!

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The frame was built for the legendary Norton Manx racing machines, but found it's way into massproduction in form of the "Slimline" and "Wideline* versions.

Triumph, on the other hand, built the outstanding twin cylinder engines (T100; T120; T140) which all were basedon the design of the "Speed Twin" dating back to 1937.

With regard to the engine, well, it has to be admitted that a few flaws have surfaced.

The situation hence is similar to that in the sixties.