Definition of accommodating female

30 Aug

The Court finds that two aspects of the researchers' methodology are problematic in this case.

Additionally, Study 1 also demonstrated that agentic traits were less accessible when the leader was female versus male.

Meiorin discharged the burden of establishing that, prima facie, the standard discriminates against women, and the Government has not shown that the standard is reasonably necessary.

The Government did not show that it would experience undue hardship if a different standard were used.

She passed three of the tests but failed a fourth one, a 2.5 km run designed to assess whether she met the Government's aerobic standards, by taking 49.4 seconds longer than required.

The arbitrator found that the aerobic standard constituted adverse effect discrimination based on sex because men as a group have a higher aerobic capacity than women, and consequently are more able to meet the standard.