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06 May

” Gushing over that shot out the pine needles at Augusta is not going to win many hearts, and neither is stepping out the door every day and assessing the weather in terminology that means absolutely nothing to a non-golfer….“Yes I think that’s a 3-club wind, no point in a brolly!

When you've found someone that you want to meet you can contact that member and organize to meet in person. You can both go on a typical date or you could meet over a round of golf. You can organize to go on as many or as few dates as you like!

Related: 12 Best Putters 2016 While we’ve all tried to play hungover, we know that to perform our best in the Sunday medal we need to be rested and alert, so no thanks, we won’t be joining you and your friends tonight.

14 Reasons They’re Lucky To Date A Golfer You’ve checked the forecast, you’ve planned your outfit and you’ve even visualised splitting the 1st fairway, and then you hear that terrible question… ” We’ve all probably heard those dreaded words at some point, and answering never gets any easier.

The days are typically a great success as playing a round with other single people that share your hobby or passion is a lot of fun!

These events are also a great opportunity to play a round on different golf courses!